As the show tried to move on to the next segment amid Gino’s self-promotion, host Holly then quickly quipped back: “Your show’s going to be on in a minute if you don’t shut up.”

Gino is currently partnered with Berocca after taking a step back to look at his health as he approaches turning 50.

He said: “Well, I’m not getting any younger and I think it’s important nowadays that I have realised that. I wanted to feel better and I am definitely feeling better. I’m not really doing anything drastic.

“One of the things that I’ve been doing now for over a year is to have my Berocca immune every day with my breakfast. It kind of gives me an extra kick that I need, you know, throughout the day and that has helped me a lot and it still helps me a lot.”

Introducing Berocca Immuno (MRRP £7.50 – 15 tablets / £13 – 30 tablets) from January, the brand’s most advanced formula for immune support, a perfect addition to help support your overall well-being so you’re ready for whatever life brings*. The cold winter months are a crucial time to recognise the importance of supporting your immune system, helping you to look after yourself and feel your best. Berocca Immuno is available to buy online now at Boots.

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