Get ready to freak out over this Freaky Friday sequel update.

Jamie Lee Curtis revealed she’s more than ready to re-team with co-star Lindsay Lohan for a continuation of their iconic 2003 comedy on the Dec. 8 episode of E! News (airing tonight at 11:30 p.m.).

“We are all down to do it,” the actress exclusively told E! News‘ Chief Correspondent Keltie Knight at The Hollywood Reporter‘s Annual Women in Entertainment Gala presented by Lifetime.

While Curtis admitted that “it’s not up to us right now,” she added, “but I think everyone who needs to know knows, and clearly we are in conversation.”

The Halloween Ends star then hinted the film’s stars are just waiting for an official green light from the movie studio, saying with a giant smile, “It’s gonna be good.”

As for where her character Tess Coleman would be 19 years later, Curtis teased, “That’s too early to tell. I’m gonna guess I’m going to be a grandma.”

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